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Multistroke Paddling Ergometer

Dragon Boat Paddling Ergometer with an Olympic Pedigree.  Designed by 5 time Olympian and World Champion Grayson Bourne, this is the first true paddling erg built from the ground up for Dragon boating and Outrigger.  The Combination of catch, resistance, and glide are 3 factors which make up the true “on the water” feel of paddling. In order to replicate this, the mechanics of blade entry, relationship between the forces on the shaft, the top guiding hand all are critical. This Precise replication has been achieved in Multistroke.

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NK Mini Cox Box Package

 The Cox Box Mini is a powerful amplification system so crews can hear their helm or drummer clearly. NK's microphone is specifically designed to be comfortable to wear, and easy to for the crew hear - even when the coach is whispering.  (like that ever happens...)


Interval 2000 Split/ Rate Watch

An essential tool for every DB coach and official, the N-K  Interval 2000 packs lots of features in a compact package. Stroke Rate, Elapsed Time, Split times and 600 point memory.