The Double Fifth Dragon Boating
I am Double Fifth

Double Fifth Dragon Boating
Jeff Campbell, owner

I started dragon boating in 1995 and after 10 years of competing at all levels, I decided to start a company selling dragon boat paddles and dragon boat gear.

The equipment I carry is always the highest quality. If I can't stand behind it I won't sell it. I started out carrying Grey Owl wood paddles. Carbon fiber was just starting to come on the market so I quickly added ZRE and Burnwater. In 2011 I learned about an Oregon company that is famous for their outrigger paddles. They started making dragon boat paddles so I picked up another brand I love, Kialoa. Other brands have come and gone but these consistently produce the best paddles and gear money can buy. A few years back I bought an old dragon boat mold and started building my own boats. Not literally, I have help from an experienced company in Oregon that builds my Red Dragon Racing Dragon Boats to my specs.

Over the years I have learned many things about the sport. The biggest thing is that dragon boating is a second family. We are all part of this huge, crazy family of paddlers. I have traveled the world dragon boating. I have met hundreds of paddlers from all over the world and made many good friends. I treat every customer like family which means I care about the person first. So consider me your goofy uncle who sells dragon boat equipment and sends out a really funny newsletter once in a while.